2017 Goals for Geneva Supply

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Now that January is just about over, and the hustle and bustle of 4th quarter is settling down, let’s focus on 2017.  We’re really not ones for making New Year’s resolutions (in fact Mark is pretty sure he’s never made one) but when one of our team members suggested we think of it as setting a goal or intention for the year, and had us read this article, we gave it some thought….

Jeff has decided that his main focus for this year is to keep reaching to create value for our partners, because just when things seem like they are settling in, and our days seem to make sense, that is the time to self assess, and challenge ourselves to add more value.  Re-evaluating and doing self-assessments are how we’ve been able to get through all that we have, and to continue evolving as a company.   So, we won’t get through 2017 without striving to be a better partner by bringing more to the table, utilizing what we have learned.  Each partnership is unique, which means there is not a script of what value is for one vs another….we need to create that unique value.

His personal goal this year is to put the phone down and truly be available to others.  Here’s what Jeff had to say about that topic, “In my life I have made a dramatic effort to be there for everyone when they need me 24/7. With today’s technology it has made it possible to do so….the problem is, while I am being there for that person I have fallen prey to being there for the next person, and then the next!!   So, have I really been there for any of them?  I have, but not with full attention.  2017 will be the year I get balance back into the equation, and keep the phone out of sight (and perhaps ringer off) while focusing on the person I am with.

Mark’s goal for Geneva Supply is all about policies and procedures, “With all the automation we have added to our systems over the past 2 years we are in a great spot to start building procedures on how to do tasks, like setting up items or printing a kit label.  Adding these procedures will make everyone’s lives a little smoother and provide clear direction on how to handle work flow.”

His personal goal for this year, though still related to the business, is to improve his public speaking skills by going out into our community to talk about Geneva Supply and our journey.  “Peterson and I had a great time giving the Delavan Darien High School business class a tour of our facility and we have big plans to create a Biz Tank to teach kids more about the world of business” said Mark.

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