Get Leads from Social Media

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Make sure that you are using social media for lead generation, not just for branding and spreading the word about your brand. Do things like giveaways and eBooks. Try to send people to landing pages to get their email address and contact information. This way you can follow up with them later and hopefully get a sale. A lot of people think that you are going to be able to get sales if you do enough social media marketing and people will want your products, but a lot of times it is better to focus on getting leads from it.

This classified marketing tip was brought to you by Sarah Lund, Director of Marketing at The Pound Bakery and Prized Pet. Connect with her on Twitter @lundsarah for even more great marketing advice. But keep that confidential!

Classified Marketing Tips are brought to you by Geneva Services a division of Geneva Supply. We offer a unified digital strategy that integrates paid advertising, Amazon optimization, search engine optimization, social media marketing and conversion rate optimization. Our team works with you to develop the best approach to make your goals a reality.

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