Don’t Bid To Be Number 1 On Google Ads

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If you are always bidding so you are in the top position on Google Ads, you are most likely overpaying. In most cases, you can get a similar click-through rate for positions 2 and 3, with a much smaller bid. This helps to improve your overall Return on Advertising Spend. So if you see your position is regularly number 1, try reducing your bid and monitoring the conversion and click-through rate.

This Classified Marketing Tip was brought to you by Evan Facinger, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Geneva Supply. You can find even more marketing advice from him on Twitter at @EvanFacinger. But keep that confidential!

Classified Marketing Tips are brought to you by Geneva Services a division of Geneva Supply. We offer a unified digital strategy that integrates paid advertising, Amazon optimization, search engine optimization, social media marketing and conversion rate optimization. Our team works with you to develop the best approach to make your goals a reality.

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