Geneva Supply Expands to Charleston, South Carolina

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Geneva Supply, Inc. is excited to announce the opening of a new 60,000 square foot facility located in Charleston, South Carolina.

With the Charleston Harbor currently in construction to be dredged to 52 feet deep, it will become the deepest harbor on the US coast.  With the project set to be completed within the next two years, the Charleston port will be the largest on the East Coast.  As Geneva Supply continues to expand the third party logistics part of the business, this facility allows for improved turnaround times from the port to warehouse and also East Coast fulfillment.

In addition to the warehouse and logistics capabilities, the new location will be home to BizHub.

BizHub is a coworking space, built with the concept that small to medium-sized companies do not have their own warehouse.  With long leases and the expenses of hiring warehouse employees and equipment, it is feasible for many companies to make the investment.  The shared office space will help those companies that want to be close to their product, have meeting spaces, and also a fun atmosphere.  Because it is tied to Geneva Supply and Geneva Services if they need help them with the process, being there when they have question or challenges with their online or brick and mortar strategy.

Our SC Address:

3245 Benchmark Dr, Ladson, SC 29456

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