The Amazon Prime Day Strategy You’re Probably Missing

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Amazon Prime Day is coming up quick, and while yes, there are some great benefits to Prime day participation, you might be missing the bigger picture. In this episode the Geneva Supply team talks about not only Prime Day but how you can use it for testing and research for the upcoming holiday season.

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  • Alright, welcome back to another episode of 360 Delivered. I’m your host, Beard, and I’m joined today by Kayla, Whitney, and John. And let’s quick do a first. Yeah, go around the room and do quick introduction. Everyone knows already that I’m Digital Marketing Strategist here at Geneva Supply, but let’s go around the room.
  • I am Marketing and Project Manager at Geneva Supply, so I primarily deal with AMS and Seller Central.
  • I’m Whitney, and I’m a Senior Product Manager here at Geneva Supply and I help manage the relationship with our brands to the .com channel. And handle everything that is involved.
  • Hey, I’m John. I’m the VP of E-Commerce, new to Geneva Supply after about 11 years in Amazon in the retail section.
  • Alright, so today we wanna talk about something coming up pretty soon. We wanna talk about Prime Day, and what are our kind of tips and strategies around that. John, can you give us a little insight?
  • Yeah, I think, I like to use Prime Day as a way to prepare for holidays. So sort of the strategy that I would have is, I’m gonna find products and I want to test things. So, maybe a Best Deal, or a Lightning Deal, or coupons, and going to Prime Day and see what happens and then measure after the next several weeks to see. Did I get any velocity in sales from that? And then, if you’re not in, if you’re not going to be promoting product for Prime Day, I would still use it as a chance to take advantage of all the traffic. So you wanna get in a great position from an inventory perspective and from a content perspective.
  • So like a way to like, really be seen but more of a research opportunity there.
  • Absolutely, absolutely. So, it’s not just about the sales, you want to think about really the whole year, and then; where does Prime Day fit into the whole year? And if you have other seasonal spikes you wanna do the same thing as, “Hey, I wanna prep for a holiday.” ‘Cause we know that, large amount of U-Notes are flow in the holiday period. Then that’s only a six or eight week period, and so you wanna be ready for it, you wanna have everything prepped, and you wanna know what units you really wanna push.
  • Yeah, and I think they, they said last year, last year’s Prime Day was bigger than the previous year’s Black Friday. So, we definitely need to be part of the strategy for every brand selling to Amazon.
  • Alright, . Whitney, what are some other ways that we can, you know, if you don’t have those big budgets to spend, and like, be featured on one of those Lightning Deals. What are some other ways that you’ve seen that, maybe like a smaller brand could still participate and maximize their dollars during Prime Day?
  • Yeah so, Amazon offers a lot of self-service steals that you can participate in. You can run coupons, you can run best steals, and it’s all around your own budget. So you set the budget, and if that’s met then you’re not spending anymore. So, it’s another option to use. You don’t have to have you know, a million dollars to be able to participate in something with Prime Day.
  • And you also want to take advantage of the traffic, and so this is the best time to do catalog scrubs. You want to look at your in stock position and make sure you’re ready for it. You wanna make sure that you’re winning the Buy Box, and so you wanna clean up your distribution channel if you have problems with it. But it all needs to happen before Prime Day, maybe even two months before Prime Day, so that you’re in the best position to take advantage of that traffic. Because any that you get, one person goes to your detail page. What is the highest conversion you can possibly get? ‘Cause that’s your one shot, and so, get everything set so you can take advantage of it.
  • And in conjunction with really scrubbing your catalog and making sure that your product listings are there, you’re also gonna wanna be optimizing your marketing. So really, ahead of Prime Day, making sure that your campaigns are optimized so that your organic search rate continues to grow on Amazon’s page. It’s said that once Amazon customers reach page three they stop looking. So really making sure that your organic search rankings are in place and your advertising is ready to go.
  • Now, what’ve you guys seen is the best options? How soon before Prime Day do you wanna start ramping up those promotions? Or do you wanna continue after Prime Day? To keep, you know, throwing things out there. You know, just by me specifically, I’m going on maybe using Prime Day to, you know, search for a product that, I’ve been thinking about buying, but I wanna see if they got that awesome deal going on. Doesn’t necessarily have to be on that like Lightning Deal page but I might search them out. What are you seeing as far as like, like before and after?
  • In terms of advertising, I would make sure that you’re advertising at least six weeks prior to Prime day. That will really give you time to look over your data. See what’s working, what’s not working, and adjust accordingly, so that you are fine tuning your keywords to make sure again that you’re–
  • The other thing I would do is, you may not think you have products that are important on Prime Day. So, I would look at lat July’s sales at the ASIN level and see; are there any spikes? Are there any sort of abnormal shifts? And then, those are proxy you wanna make sure that you really focus on.
  • Yeah, and when you, when you’re planning a strategy for Prime Day and you have certain items that you’re wanting to promote or drive traffic to. I would definitely, when you look at your inventory If you’re a 1P vendor I would, I would look at the drop ship as a backup way, so that you guys don’t run out of stock on your product and then customers don’t have a bad experience with your product, they can actually purchase it.
  • Alright, well there you have it. Thanks so much for the tips. I can’t wait for Prime Day. I better start marking some items now, right? So I can quickly double check and make sure there’s not a good deal goin’ on, something I wanna take advantage of. But, thanks so much for joining us for another episode of 360 Delivered. We’ll catch you in the next one.

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