Amazon product and fulfillment solutions for every area of your business

Geneva Supply is your 360° solution to building a brand strategy and powerful supply chain for Amazon and other E-Commerce platforms.

Third Party Logistics

We are the experts when it comes to fulfillment, warehousing and shipping

Amazon Strategy

Your partner to navigate the Amazon Ecosystem with ease. Logistics, digital marketing, seller platform, and a five year vision are imperative for Amazon success

E-Commerce Strategy

Grow your E-Commerce business with the right strategy, and the right platforms.

Wholesale Logistics

Setup Geneva Supply as a distributor and work hand in hand with us to control your brand on Amazon

Brand Management

We have Former Amazonians on staff to help you manage and negotiate your Amazon business

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing partner to choose when you need results


Jeff Peterson and Mark Becker will be honored during National Small Business Week in Washington, D.C.

Geneva Supply Co-Founders Selected as Small Business Persons of the Year for Wisconsin by U.S. Small Business Administration

Jeff Peterson and Mark Becker will be honored during National Small Business Week in Washington, D.C.   Geneva Supply Co-Founders, Jeff Peterson, and Mark Becker …

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BizTank’s Midwest Business Conference Canceled, Focus Remains on Nonprofit

  Attendees are being asked to contribute event ticket sales and sponsorships to support BizTank program and scholarship fund.   Joining several other significant business …

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Amazon Announces Changes in Daily Business Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

On Monday, March 16, Amazon responded to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak with changes in how the global e-commerce leader will continue to support the …

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Amazon Has A Coronavirus (Product) Problem

Amazon has always been strict on certain products and specific words or phrases that products can use.  Over the last few years, that has only …

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Amazon Takes Steps To Remove Sub-Par Delivery Partners

It should come as no surprise that Amazon is taking the necessary steps to remove some delivery partners.  In this case, it seems to be …

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Two years ago, Nike agreed to a partnership with the E-Commerce giant and began selling on the platform as a first-party seller.

Opinion: What Nike Pulling Out of Amazon Means for the Retailer

It comes as no surprise that Amazon is the largest and most powerful distribution network in the world.  That’s the kind of thing that brings …

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