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Keep Your Google Reviews From Getting Removed

Don't leave fake reviews on Google My Business. This means you shouldn't ask your family, friends. This violates Google's TOS unless they have a working relationship with your company. Also, don't create fake accounts or leave reviews against your competitors....

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We Gave False Facebook Advertising Information

We work on Facebook Ads every day and by the time we recorded this video and edited it, the information was already wrong! Facebook is an inexpensive ad platform, but the targeting options keep changing. You can't rely on what someone said even just a few months ago....

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Tailor Your Videos For Each Social Platform

Don't just upload one version of your video to every social network. Tailor your videos to the recommended length and aspect ration on each platform. This will help maximize the value of your real estate and provide a better user experience for your audience. This...

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GS On Marketing Podcast

Ep14 ChatBots The Future Is Now

ChatBots have been the next big thing for awhile now. We explore different ways companies are starting to use ChatBots to enhance the customer experience. Red Beard recently setup a Facebook ChatBot using Mobile Monkey's free tool, to help quickly answer frequently...

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Ep13 How To Create and Promote Videos

Using videos for marketing has been a growing trend for years and it isn't expected to slow down any time soon! Tune in for actionable tips on how you can capitalize on video marketing. Episode includes: Breaking down the different video platforms for YouTube,...

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Ep12 Targeting Options For Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising recently launched two new ways to reach shoppers as they search on Amazon and browse product detail pages. On this episode, we'll break down the new options and outline strategies to use them. Episode includes: Product Targeting for Manual Ads New...

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Geneva Supply In The News

Geneva Supply, Inc. Expands Digital Marketing Team

Three new digital marketing experts are welcomed to the team. Geneva Supply, Inc. has welcomed three new additions to their Digital Marketing team since the beginning of 2019. Kayla Laszewski, Catrina Carne, and Morgan Olson each have exceptional experience in...

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BizTank Brings Professional Conference to Walworth County

The second annual BizThreeSixty Returns to Delavan, WI on May 16th. Delavan, WI. (May 7, 2019) – BizThreeSixty is hosted by BizTank and Geneva Supply, Inc. BizThreeSixty will take place on Thursday, May 16, 2019, from 8 AM to 4 PM at Lake Lawn Resort, 2400 E. Geneva...

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