3 Tips to Optimize Amazon A+ Content Pages

Amazon A+ Content

Looking for a free way to enhance your detail page content? Amazon A+ content pages (formerly known as EBC, or Enhanced Brand Content pages) are a great way to establish not only a brand identity but also a way to optimize your listing. Having an optimized listing helps amplify the shopping experience, increases organic ranking, and drives sales. These pages contain content that includes text and multimedia that are formatted in a variety of different modules that can help accurately describe item features and help impact the purchasing process. Modules should convey the brand identity and value proposition to help distinguish your brand from the competition. According to Amazon, A+ Content increases the sales of an item on average by 3%–10%. These three easy, quick tips are a great way to start optimizing your A+ pages and driving sales. 

1. Convey Brand Identity

Ensuring consistency with your brand identity and voice is critical when enhancing content. Showing shoppers how your brand is different from competitors in a positive and trustworthy way will help build credibility on the Amazon platform. Branded content can encourage first-time customers to purchase and build a brand following. 

2. Utilize SEO Keywords

Using the right keywords is a crucial step when optimizing content. Keywords are the easiest, fastest way to improve organic product ranking and visibility. Your keywords should be related to your product or brand and have a good search volume. If you are running advertising on or off Amazon incorporating keywords that convert is also an excellent strategy for optimization. 

3. Leverage Product Reviews and FAQ

Looking at your product reviews and competitor reviews is a great way to determine which product features need additional content and how your product has advantages over competitors. The other product details that you can feature within A+ pages can help customers make a purchasing decision and determine why your product is better than competitors. The more information about your product, the better.

Still Need Help?

If you want our team of certified Amazon experts to look at your current A+ pages to see if there’s additional room for optimization, reach out today for a free Amazon audit!

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