Amazon Brand Management Term Guide

Amazon Terms – Brand Management

Managing a brand on Amazon can sometimes feel overwhelming. What is suppression? Where do I go to see if there are issues in my Amazon account? The guide below breaks down important programs and features essential to know when your brand is up and running on the Amazon platform. Amazon is constantly changing and updating, so remember to save this guide as a point of reference for all things Amazon brand management!  

  • Account Health: A dashboard in Seller Central that shows any account issues that need to be resolved, including an overview of your account’s adherence to Amazon’s performance targets and policies. 
  • IP (Intellectual Property): What is intellectual property? It is a creative work or invention unique to your brand to which you hold the rights (patent, copyright, trademark, etc.). Protect your IP from rogue or unauthorized sellers, combat copyright and trademark infringement, and lower IP risk with Amazon Brand Registry [link to brand registry resource content], single-seller relationships, and dedicated monitoring. 
  • Product Reviews: Customer’s review of a specific product sold on the marketplace, displayed towards the bottom of a product listing. 
  • Seller Review: Customer feedback about the buying and fulfillment experience, found by clicking on the “Sold by” text on the right-hand side of the page on a product listing.
  • Seller Support: The area where sellers go to submit a case to Amazon. Find tips for working with Amazon Seller Support.  
  • Suppression: Amazon’s process of hiding or suspending a listing is typically based on Amazon’s pricing algorithm. Sellers can also face suppression in the Buy Box, meaning their product is not displayed, and the customer requires additional clicks to purchase, resulting in lower conversation rates. 
  • Suspension: A seller account put on hold by Amazon due to issues including poor performance, violation of a policy, or an attempt to sell a restricted product. 
  • Vine: Amazon Vine program is where sellers can pay to submit new or pre-release products for highly trusted Amazon reviewers (called “Vine Voices”) to post unbiased reviews. 

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