Amazon Brand Registry: Brand Analytics

Amazon Brand Analytics

In our previous blog posts, you learned how to build and protect your brand. Now it’s time to see how your work has paid off with Amazon’s Brand Registry’s third main feature, Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA). Amazon now provides a free Brand Analytics tool to brands, but there’s one important note — brand owners must be eligible in one of two ways to gain access to Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA):

  • Sell on Amazon using Seller Central
  • Enrolled in the Brand Registry program

All 3P Brand owners who are part of the Amazon Brand Registry program have free access to ABA and the tools they provide. Brands can see how much access they have to ABA under the Report tab in their Seller Central account. 

In addition to having access to ABA, there are many perks (see our previous blog posts) as to why your brand should be a part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program. However, having access to Amazon Brand Analytics should be enough to convince you. Still need more convincing? Here are five reasons:

  1. Insights into competitors
  2. Customer behavior insights
  3. Keyword analysis
  4. Keyword conversion insights
  5. Identify your brands top clicked ASIN

These insights can provide essential information to brands about consumers to improve their strategy, such as what is and isn’t working. And we get it. Analytics can be a lot to process, but that’s where Geneva Supply can help. Our team of digital marketers will set you up for success by walking you through the advertising process and providing monthly metrics for you to review with your designated account manager. Contact us today to request a free audit!

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