Amazon Takes Steps To Remove Sub-Par Delivery Partners

It should come as no surprise that Amazon is taking the necessary steps to remove some delivery partners.  In this case, it seems to be that sub-par partners are being targeted.  In the latest move by Amazon, companies in Illinois, Kansas and Washington are facing around 1,300 job losses. 

These removals are moving Amazon towards two goals.  The first, is safety.  It might sound simple, but recently Amazon has been in the news for the unpopular topic.  Most recently, a lack of safety in its warehouses left hundreds of staff injured.  So Amazon is looking to increase its safety standards and allow employees and partners the ability to have a safer work environment while still meeting shipping deadlines. Back in December of 2019, ProPublica and BuzzFeed where they uncovered internal Amazon documents showing how Amazon at times chose speed over safety when building the delivery network that it is now slimming down.   

The second goal that Amazon is trying to achieve is beefing up its own delivery service and logistics partnerships.  It’s no secret that Amazon is no longer working with big-name partners like United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEx.  This gives smaller logistics companies and individuals a shot at working with the e-commerce giant.   

Amazon delivery partners across the country are taking note.  Why?  Because this could be just the beginning.  Amazon isn’t afraid to lose partners that aren’t abiding by their standards because they will find another that is. 

Plus, over the last few years, Amazon has created its own delivery service called Amazon Delivery Service Partner, where you can own your own Amazon delivery business for as little as $10,000 in startup costs. Don’t have that kind of startup cash?  Then you can drive for Amazon Flex.  Amazon Flex gives you the flexibility to drive and deliver orders directly to the end customer.  According to the Amazon Flex website, you drive when you want in a block of 3-6 hours and get paid about $18-$25 per hour.   

That’s exactly the reason why Geneva Supply has adapted and changed over the last ten years.  We’ve always been a preferred logistics partner for Amazon, and it’s because we know how important it is to abide by Amazon’s standards.  Not just for doing business with Amazon, but because it’s often in the best interest of our clients and our own business. By setting our standards higher, we’re able to create an environment where shipping to Amazon (or any other e-commerce partner) is just part of what we do because we do it so well. 

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