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BizTank is the brainchild of Jeff Peterson and Mark Becker, co-founders of Geneva Supply, Inc. It’s an idea that takes the passion from one’s career and enlightens the minds of the communities’ youth, specifically, junior and senior high school students.

What is BizTank?

We are cultivating a group of driven individuals that see the value in going above and beyond the classroom requirements, and care enough about their future to try something new and to step outside their comfort zones, because as many of us know, that’s really where all the fun is!

Who Can Join?

BizTank is for the dreamers, the planners, the “know-it-alls” and the “I’m-not-quite-sure-I-know-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life” type of kids.

Any kid that’s willing to take a chance towards creating a future they truly enjoy, are welcome.

Gain Exposure

Students get exposure to the world of business through a stimulating and interactive program. Guest speakers explain the drive, hard work, the directions their lives have taken, their successes and of course, failures.

Record a Podcast

Participants create their own episodes for the Kids in the Tank podcast. They research a topic or a guest speaker and his/her business, ask the questions, record, edit and produce.

The Details

BizTank consists of three unique 8-week seasons throughout the year, meeting once a week on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30 p.m. (dinner is provided from 6:00-6:30 p.m.) and is offered to Junior or Senior students at any local area high school. The only requirement for first-time participants is a letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach, and/or employer.  For those participating in two or more seasons are required to complete at least two hours of community service and one job shadow, per season.

Sessions are spent covering a range of topics such as start-ups, funding, opportunity recognition, on-trend marketing and social media. This is achieved through a variety of open forum discussions, relevant case studies, entrepreneurial coaching and field trips to local and national thriving companies.

All participants who successfully complete the BizTank program receive a scholarship towards any continuing education program

The Fall 2018 season of BizTank begins September 19!

Download your Community Service and Job Shadow forms.

Show Your Support

BizTank is here to build bridges between employers and students. We want to spark an interest in these kids and help them prepare for the real world, and we hope that local businesses are willing to partner with us by offering them opportunities to do a job shadow, an internship, or possibly, summer employment. At the very least, an interview, because as we all know that’s a vital skill to learn and you’re never too young to practice the process.

We are a non-profit organization asking local businesses for funding support for scholarships, technical equipment (laptops, etc.), and on-topic field trips. We believe the next big idea can come from a kid within the community, your community, so please consider supporting us so that we can help them, dream that dream.

If you would like to discuss funding options or partnering with us, please contact Jeff Peterson at 262.421.7924 or email us at BizTank@genevasupply.com.

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