Is Your Brand Playing Defense Against Amazon Competitors?

Brands Must Play Defense on Amazon

For the companies advertising products on Amazon, defense tactics must be in place to protect a brand’s real estate. Bidding on the terms and keywords representing your brand and the products you sell is just one surefire way to do this. 

Brands that create defense campaigns on Amazon by bidding on keywords are more likely to:

  • Stand out against smaller brands and Amazon’s private label products 
  • Surface during a customer’s search query looking for your product vs. competitor’s products
  • Provide you more information about a shopper’s intent and buying habits
  • Build higher conversation rates
  • Send an interested shopper to your Amazon brand store and expose them to other products within your brand
  • Win product sales and protect the advertising cost of sale (ACoS) 
  • Increase your brand presence in the search results

If you don’t have a brand defense on Amazon, you’re making yourself an easy target for competitors. Just because you’re not currently bidding on your branded terms doesn’t mean they aren’t being used against you by your competitors.  

If you haven’t established a brand defense campaign among the market share through bidding, it won’t be long until competitors start making your search terms and keywords their own. Defend your seller space from the start and don’t give consumers the option of seeing other products.

Building a Brand Awareness Campaign Through Sponsored Ads

Advertising on Amazon is the most successful defense strategy for your brand against competitors on Amazon. Amazon provides several different ad formats. These include Sponsored Products (SP), Sponsored Brands (SB), (Sponsored Brand Video (SBV),)?), and Sponsored Display (SD). All of these sponsored formats can be customized to use both product keywords, brand-relevant search terms, and direct ASIN defense. The strategy supports organic efforts and provides an all-encompassing approach to ensure the best possible defense protection of your brand.

When building your brand awareness campaign, generic and unbranded keywords can push the display of your best-seller products in front of shoppers who have already shared their intent based on their search. Many of these shoppers may not know exactly which products they want just yet, but your sponsored brand campaign can help them decide as they visit your store page and begin to browse all of the products your brand offers. 

However, be prepared for your competitors to have a brand defense strategy already in place. Not sure where to begin with your brand defense? We’d love to help! Through a free audit with Geneva Supply, our digital advertising team can tell you which competitors are targeting your products and which competitors you should be targeting based on their lack of brand defense. Let us know when you’re ready for our help!

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