Using Amazon A+ Content To Drive Conversions & Boost Traffic

What Amazon A+ Content Can Do For Your Brand

If you are looking for increased traffic, sales, and conversion rates, consider adding Amazon A+ Content to your product detail pages. This premium media-rich content feature refers to a listing’s product description. It helps account owners to tell their brand story better by using high-quality images and enhanced text. Using upgraded multimedia content can create a unique user experience and ultimately reinforce the staying power of product marketing.

According to Amazon, A+ Content has the potential to increase your sales by 3-10% and helps:

  • Create a higher conversion rate
  • Build enhanced customer understanding of what your brand and product offer
  • Reduce the product return rate
  • Provide better reviews to showcase happier and repeat customers
  • Showcase your product’s unique value proposition
  • Reduce ACoS and increase ROI of PPC campaigns

Most account owners don’t know enough about this free and unlimited tool, leading them to miss out on the chance to move potential buyers into committing to purchase by offering a more inclusive online shopping experience.

Who Can Use the A+ Content Feature?

Eligible sellers can add Amazon A+ Content to any Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) that they own, to both parent and child ASINs. For vendors, using A+ Content is a little easier as they automatically qualify for adding enhanced images and text to a product listing. 

Although, this feature is only available to eligible sellers and vendors who: 

  • Have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • Are newly developed brand owners in managed selling programs, such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives. 

This may sound unclear, but anyone can create a successful brand owner account with some extra understanding and help from experienced Amazon marketers, making it much easier to be approved to use the A+ feature. Once that happens, owners can easily add the enriched content to approved products in their brand catalog.

Want to find out if your Amazon account is eligible for A+ Content? Do you need support in creating your Amazon A+ Content? If so, we are ready when you are.

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