What is an Amazon Brand Story?

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What is an Amazon Brand Story?

We all know that when it comes to selling on Amazon, content is king. Recently, Amazon introduced a new form of A+ content that can help your brand stand out among competitors by showcasing your content in an animated way. This new feature is called the Amazon Brand Story. The Brand Story is a scrollable, interactive carousel that allows shoppers to learn more about your product selection as well as the history and culture of your brand.

Example of a brand story from the brand Florasophy

The information that can be showcased in this carousel is limitless, but should include content that will help strengthen your branding, create product awareness, and build a personal connection with shoppers. This content can include your brand’s mission, company history, top-selling products, unique product features, or frequently asked questions. The limitless content possibilities of the Brand Story give you room to get creative, and catch the eye of shoppers to help drive purchases.

Brands have the option to choose between 4 different modules and arrange these modules in a personalized manner to best highlight their brand story and values. The elements include a main background image and smaller static images that can be arranged into a carousel for shoppers to scroll through.

This feature is a seamless branding tool that is currently being placed below the main product information and above the Enhanced Product Description. Once shoppers reach the Brand Story, it can be linked to either a specific product detail page or a brand store landing page. Overall, the Brand Story tool can be exceptionally useful in making a strong first impression on new customers, and it gives you a whole new way to showcase your brand beyond your product line.

Have questions about creating a Brand Story or are interested in where your content compares to competitors and how it can be improved? Contact us today!

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