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Make Sure You Are Cleaning Up Your Email Lists

Consistently emailing people that never open or engage with the emails you are sending is sending signals to the email service providers that you are sending junk. This is going to hurt your deliverability rates. The best thing to do is remove the people that never...

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Don’t Bid To Be Number 1 On Google Ads

If you are always bidding so you are in the top position on Google Ads, you are most likely overpaying. In most cases, you can get a similar click-through rate for positions 2 and 3, with a much smaller bid. This helps to improve your overall Return on Advertising...

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Publish Your Content Elsewhere

If you have a piece of content targeting a key phrase that has a high competition level, in this case meaning all of the sites currently ranking have a much higher domain authority than yours. Try using that piece of content on a guest blog post on more authoritative...

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GS On Marketing Podcast

Ep11 Facebook Advertising Strategies

Facebook advertising is at the forefront of most digital marketer’s minds. But there is a difference between simply setting them up and using the platform effectively. How do you answer all of these questions? Do you know your real goals? Are you creating the right...

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Ep10 Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2018

We went to Pubcon Pro Las Vegas! This annual conference focuses on SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Advertising and Amazon. This is where top industry experts come to network and discuss digital marketing trends. Hear our thoughts on the show and the topics discussed....

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Ep9: AMS Is Now Amazon Advertising

In this episode, we'll discuss the switch Amazon made from Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Media Group to Amazon Advertising. Find out what else changed besides the name and how you can take advantage of the merged platform. Episode includes: What type of...

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Geneva Supply In The News

We had a Speaker in the House

House Speaker Paul Ryan dropped by last week Friday, May 12 to check out our operations and learn about how we work with Amazon.com, and to see how we sell our paint, Prestige Paints, online and through our app, Prestige ColorPic.  We also introduced him to our new...

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2017 Goals for Geneva Supply

Now that January is just about over, and the hustle and bustle of 4th quarter is settling down, let's focus on 2017.  We're really not ones for making New Year's resolutions (in fact Mark is pretty sure he's never made one) but when one of our team members suggested...

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